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Gentlemen of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2015-01-08 14:29:01

Terrorism that hit France through the brutal attack on Charlie Hibdo newspaper the same terror that struck the Chengal and Kobanî, the same ideology that women enchant and kill the elderly and children and destroyed houses of worship and the destruction of innocent houses everywhere happened to him, and that we as a people Kurds have suffered and still to this terrorism that wants the imposition of this term for age extremist ideology, and who wants to hit our gains obtained after a bitter struggle with the Baathist regime and after the submission of hundreds of martyrs in order to achieve our freedom, this thought, who wants to...

The General Coordination for the head of three Cantons today releases a statement to the public opinion with the advent of Eid Al-Adha

2014-10-01 15:33:58

We congratulate our people in the three Cantons( Afrin, Kobane, and Jizeer Cantons) and the whole Islamic World on the occasion of the advent of Eid Al-Adha this year. This year we receive the Eid days at a time the dark forces( ISIL) have intensified their brutal attacks with the support of some hidden forces under the name of Islam religion against our three Cantons, resulting in displacement and killing of thousands of peaceful residents from their houses. At a time the world have just realized the size and seriousness of this inhuman terrorist force and started forming an alliance to deter its terrorism, Our people...

Local Governing Body on a tour to Bilbile sub-district in collaboration with several Bodies

2014-09-30 13:40:15

The Joint Committee among Local Governing and Municipalities Body, Agriculture Body, and Tourism and Antiquities Body went on a tour to Bilbile sub-district. The committee which consisted of the chairman of Local Governing Body Eng.Norshan Hussein and her deputy Eng. Mouhemed Ahmed, Agriculture Body represented by Eng.Essed Alo, and Tourism and Antiquities Body represented by Mr. Jiwan Farman went to Bilbile sub-district to examine the locations of people's property( formerly the property of the state) and the locations of forest property in the villages( Rishe, Khire-Gol, Shekhorze, Khilalka, and Kela), and are the sites...

An Emergency Session to Discuss the latest developments in Kobane Canton

2014-09-30 12:01:28

The Executive Board held an Emergency session at the centre of The Democratic Self-ruling Government with heads of Bodies of the Canton to discuss latest developments and attacks against Kobane Canton by ISIL mercenaries.And the Head of the Executive Board issued a statement to the public opinion, which included:As the Executive Board in Afrin Canton we condemn and deny the inhuman attacks led by the terrorist ISIL organization against Til-hemis and Kobane targeting the will of our people. ISIL realizes the impossibility of achieving its goals because of the resistance of our people and People Protection...

To whom it concerns

2014-09-22 12:36:34

The last few days have revealed New plans for the regressive regional powers , enemies of democracy and the brotherhood and harmony among people irrespective to their beliefs, national and political backgrounds. Those plans have become clear through directing their mercenaries represented in ISIS, from far and wide to the region of Shingal, densely populated by the Yezidi Kurds, attacking the infrastructure, civilian's houses, worship houses, and holy places in the city, which made the civilians leave their regions to flee out of fear from the assaults and massacres of ISIS mercenaries. This aggressive step of the dark forces comes...

Delegation from HRW visited the office of diplomatic relations of Movement of a Democratic Society

2014-07-22 17:36:46

A delegation from the human rights organisation, HRW (Human Rights Watch) and the French Institute of the Near East visited the diplomatic relations office of the TEV-DEM (Movement of a Democratic Society) in Qamishlo. The delegation of HRW and the French Institute of the Near East said that the reason for the visit to Rojava (Northern Syria) is to identify the institutions that were formed before and after the announcement of the democratic self-governance as well as to ascertain the up-to-date situation in Rojava.

The French Institute for the Near East asked to open an office in the canton of Jazira

2014-07-22 17:35:20

The Executive Council of the self ruling democratic canton of Jazira met with a delegation from the French Institute for the Near East in the city of Amuda. The French Institute for the Near East asked to open an office in the canton of Jazira. The delegation of the French Institute met with many of officials in the government of Jazira and expressed their admiration and support of the self-rule project and said that it is important to work with the government of Rojava. Akram Heso, president of the canton of Jazira, told them that their request to open an office in Jazira will shortly be considered.