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Activities for young women Aren Festival

2016-04-18 13:17:06

Within the activities of the young women Aren Festival series was held on Sunday, several games for football, basketball and women's sports in the Union Hall in Afrin. Where the football match between the Afrin team and the Raju team , either basketball games was the first match between the Afrin junior team and a Raju team, and the second match between the  Afrin women's team and Jendras’s team. The results of the matches in the following form: - Football match between the Afrin team and the team Raju was in favor of the Afrin women's team score 4/3. - The...

Methane Theater Festival in his final presentation (Bird-Hakim)

2016-01-03 10:44:38

 Activities of the second season of methane Theater Festival in Afrin ended in his day tenth, it staged a play on behalf of the wise bird, which was held on the culture and art scene in the presence of co-President of the Legislative Council Mr. Mohammed Said Yusuf, head of a women body Miss Fatima to Cato, and President of the Commission of Culture Miss Shiraz Hamo, and the number of large from the people of Afrin. The story of the play was written by Professor Ahmed Ismail and directed by Professor Mohiuddin Arslan and translation Bozo Mr. Hussein, and the story says that the four birds and their young live a...

The start of the Methane Festival in his second season

2015-12-23 10:07:06

It kicked off the work of festival methane in his second season during an official opening ceremony in the presence of the co-chairs of the Legislative Council, Miss Haven Rashid and Mr. Mohamed Said Youssef and co-president of the Executive Council, Dr. Osman Sheikh Issa, where the festival began a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs followed by the word director Haitham Mustafa presentation currently playwright on behalf of (Monalesca) The presentation included paintings by Mona Lisa uniforms suggest a multi-religious and ethnic identities, the play ended up playing back an image as the Mona Lisa painted by the artist (Da...

Hawar Festival for the first Heritage songs releases in Roj ava

2015-07-29 13:12:43

Tuesday ,launched on 7/28/2015 activities of the first heritage of the Hawar song festival in Roj Ava in Afrin Canton .  The celebration started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs with the national anthem (Hey Reqîb),  then followed by a speech of, the Self -Democratic Administration  and the culture of Afrin Canton, Ms. Shiraz Hemo, which sent her thanks to YPG-YPJ (the people protection Units  and women)  and the valor they express in a critical situation Roj Ava and she asked  all sides and workers to  protect the Kurdish heritage and culture and to all...

Hawar, To Revive the Song Heritage

2015-07-12 14:10:02

Starting from 5.4.2015,  and after two months of continuous work,  Culture Commission  in Afrin Canton  is working  to follow up effectively complete their preparations for the  day 07/28/2015 which  will be Hawar First Song Festival in rhythmic heritage . With the end of the first stage  of the preparations in the collection of traditional songs, through many trips of research in the villages of Afrin Canton , entering the second stage that combines document  the song heritage rhythmic by the Committee for Research and Documentation, and between training young voices, carefully...