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2015-06-10 11:14:09

The Board of Agriculture on Monday toured  on the wheat fields and grain Center / Mira / For checking  the harvest process and the mechanism of the receipt wheat from  farmers also  the obstacles and problems they face .

the tour started from Afrin Center, headed by Mr. Mohammed Ayoub  the head of agriculture body and his deputy the  engineer Naziha Hassan and the  Chairman of the Department of Agricultural Affairs Engineer Sozin Amir to one of the fields in the Canton

During the tour, one of the owners of the fields Mr. Jahid khubary  spoke to the President of the Commission, Mr. Ayoub Mohammed ,about the suffering experienced which the  farmers and the problems they faced in the last three years and he  appealed to the commission  to control the t agricultural prices of medicines in pharmacies and thanked the Commission for its efforts for being in  the farmers service.

Mr. Mohammed checked  during the tour on the packing process in trucks as Dokma bags, and continued his trip to the grain center / Mira / to see  how wheat is received from farmers and goes to the grain center / Mira / to take the wheat weight and send a sample to the laboratory to be then put in storage. finally, the farmer take the paper  of Origin from  Agriculture commission.

The Engineer  Jamil  Hulusi has touched a mechanism of the work in the laboratory and how to make  the examination , screening process and that the separation of grass seeds and dust from wheat seeds,  while inseparable barley seeds .and then take the clean samples and pure sterilized and stored it  as seeds for the year / 2016 /.