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2015-07-12 14:10:02

Starting from 5.4.2015,  and after two months of continuous work,  Culture Commission  in Afrin Canton  is working  to follow up effectively complete their preparations for the  day 07/28/2015 which  will be Hawar First Song Festival in rhythmic heritage .

With the end of the first stage  of the preparations in the collection of traditional songs, through many trips of research in the villages of Afrin Canton , entering the second stage that combines document  the song heritage rhythmic by the Committee for Research and Documentation, and between training young voices, carefully which  selected in terms of the competitors possessing a beautiful voice   and musical talent, which are supervised by committees of training, to compete on the best lyric voice within the festival competition, that each contestant chooses one of the songs provided by Heritage Festival in order to achieve the main objective of it, namely the revival of traditional rhythmic song.

Committees have made a great job , firstly the Committee is continuing their training  on a daily basis in the Commission  building, a secondy technical committee persevere in the preparation of the initial decorations for the theater , Finally to encourage participants festival has the first collective training session, recorded in a special program on Ronahi TV last Friday, they have shown great enthusiasm in singing, by breaking the standing  in front of the camera.

This in conjunction with the start of the Arts Committee to prepare for the Mitan Festival the second theatrical, which will be launched in the autumn of 2015, by working on the first steps, firstly  reception of texts, a step has been completed in the past two months, a secondly reading committee meeting was held to make observations on the texts approved to participate the festival, Then determine the regulatory mechanism, as a meeting with the directors and the perpetrators held to determine the mechanism of action and the conditions of the festival achieved with the knowledge that texts submitted characterized by the diversity of the topics according to what indicated by the Commission in the form of arts culture.