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2015-07-27 11:02:43

Dr. Ahmed Youssuf, a member of the founding committee of Afrin University that   Afrin stressed that the opening of the University is a historic step for  building a peaceful scientific basis for each Roj Ava and Syria components and even abroad, and will answer the  questions for students and scholars who wish to pursue their education.

He noted on the sidelines of a press conference devoted to announce the opening of Afrin University. The opening of the university has become a reality and place of pride for us and it has a prominent importance in building the future and the development of science and knowledge in the Canton  after  we passed a lot of difficulties and obstacles we have  experienced in  Syria and instability situation .

Also he praised the efforts of  the Education Commission over three years and opened a five-institutions  for students, and as  it is well known to all the Afrin canton  that we have many  of a high percentage of intellectuals and scholars at the level of Syria so it was necessary to open the University to bring these students to pursue their studies at the university and proved  our efforts that  we have made in 2013 to 2015, the founding committee of the university organized according to Resolution number 573 issued by the Presidency of the Executive Council  to  set up an  establishment committee for Afrin University and that on 14 June  of this year to put the basic building block and branches to be included and the  certificates in which the mechanism of registration which will accept, the Committee included both gentlemen, Dr. Ahmed Youssef - PhD in Economics and Dr  . Abdul Majid Sheko PhD in Kurdish literature, Dr. Nuristan Mamo PhD in chemistry and Ms. Eitan Sheikh Issa President of Education body in Afrin Canton .

In response to journalists and press  questions answered Dr. Nuristan Mamo. The University includes the following sections mechatronics, economics, literature Kurdish Engineering confirmed that the doctors who will study at the University are specialists in the field of the three disciplines from both inside and outside the Canton  and will work on a platform in accordance with the terms of reference in the three branches under the supervision of the Higher Education Council In noting at the same time they are working very hard  to open a branch of the English language and in the case of availability of teaching staff we will open it.

In connection with the recognition of the university Dr. Youssef  explained that he had made several meetings in Bashor and Bakur Kurdistan and earlier in Finland in order to recognize the university certificate confirming that all sides promised to support and assistance of the University of Afrin, however, Economics Faculty at the University of Sulaimaniyah indicated its willingness to accept any search of Afrin University , studied and published in the college magazine, also the  universities of  Bakur Kurdistan promised to  cooperate ,to  coordination and to work together for the recognition of the University of Afrin as an  international universities within the Union.

On the other hand, Dr. Abdul Majid Shehu, explained  we will start the university officially from the date of 01.08.2015 and its temporary  center  based in  the intermediate institutes management and accept the scientific and literary certificates of modern and old to open the way for  a big number of students and give them the opportunity to pursue their university studies after being denied some of them to continue .

In the same vein youssof  explained that the basic certification is the accepted scientific, literary, both branches of the Afrin Canton certificate or Syrain  certificate or even  Other certificates will be adjusted according to the procedures adopted by the university to offset the certificate.

 The other branches of certificates such as trade, industry and the like we will take  ratio in conformity with the existing branch and an example of that Mechatronics can take industry certification ( Mechanic and electricity and electron) that does not exceed 3% of the number of students. Noting that the acceptance will be through a differentiation will be announced later, the school years and how much they are as a  universal principles like the 5 years is known for geometries and four other colleges can be adopted as the global system clocks according to the international standards.

Ms. Itan Sheikh  Issa  and  based on the decisions of  conference of a Democratic Society  Education, the Free education starting from kindergarten  to the end of the university to give everyone the opportunity to learn and not the rich only, so The University of Afrin is  free and will take  a register fees only a nominal fee, noting that the university does not belong the Commission  of Education, but will have a special system and private management of doctors and specialists are organizing in the so-called Council of Higher Education, and is limited to the role of the Education Commission is currently in the assistance and ensure the needs of the university, but for the institutes will be coordination with the university to become a five institutes affiliated higher education and work under its supervision

 Youssuf  noted the universities do not stop even  in a  darkest circumstances as in Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia and also  in the most hot countries of the world and so in Syria, stressing said "We are in Afrin Canton  enjoy safely  and peace in spite of that we are surrounded by a flaming mass of flames and the stability that we enjoy where in the Canton that it did not want social services and economic, scientific, it means we are remiss against our people


Dr. Youssuf concluded by saying that Self-Administration in Afrin Canton has covered all the expenses of workers at the university Self- Administration is  thankful for their support.