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2015-07-29 13:12:43

Tuesday ,launched on 7/28/2015 activities of the first heritage of the Hawar song festival in Roj Ava in Afrin Canton .

 The celebration started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs with the national anthem (Hey Reqîb),  then followed by a speech of, the Self -Democratic Administration  and the culture of Afrin Canton, Ms. Shiraz Hemo, which sent her thanks to YPG-YPJ (the people protection Units  and women)  and the valor they express in a critical situation Roj Ava and she asked  all sides and workers to  protect the Kurdish heritage and culture and to all Educational people at home and abroad for their offer to keep the Kurdish culture.

Then, followed by a Ms. Rughlat  speech on the mouthpiece of the Democratic Society Movement she praised the efforts of the workers in the festival since the first preparations of  searching in  Afrin villages to the moment of starting to  release the festival  emphasizing the resilience and sustainability of Kurdish culture despite of the misrepresentations and the theft of Kurdish heritage by policies aimed at Kurdish presence in the eastern region.

Mr. Osama Ahmed Khalil said in his speech as a spokesman of the Hawar first festival management noted  to the importance of the Hawar project Festival as part of the project made by the Commission during the past two years, with an overview of the efforts made to launch the festival.

 Contestants then presented with the band to the audience the  song (pepûka). –after that Abdi Shahiry,a  folk singer song heritage of the late has been tribute , Abdi bin Ahmed Mulla Hassan, known as Abdi Shahry and Abdi Nazi, who was born in 1870 in Naza village, who spent most of his life in singing, poetry and richest much of songs of old Kurdish heritage.

During the festival a video clip has been Giving to the audience of  the festival by  the artist Khalil Khmkin who  blessed this  movement,  by saying: "Hawar Festival is  for the development of our culture and our People heritage  and the movement of culture and art must work  through the  serious work , toil and effort that strives to make our heritage invincible power heritage lost if it is be  monopolized by people who have not been passed down. It's the first time that we have a Festival in Afrin in these circumstances and historical days that we are going through and in the end I greet with all my heart young women and men who are protecting the soil of parents and grandparents and I salute all those who work and wish you success and progress .

Then display a video clip for half an hour for the  search trips and collection songs from the villages of Afrin and preparations and training for the contestants. This arrived festival management of congratulations from the Kurdish language visiting card to the  end the opening ceremony to provide the staff at the festival with the song.

the gentlemen Vice-President of the Executive Board, Mr. Ramsey Sheikh Moss and Mr. Abdul Hamid Mustapha and the presidency Joint Legislative Council Mr. Mohammed Said Joseph and Mrs. Haven Rashid and a number of heads of executive bodies of the Council and the movement of a democratic society, political parties and civil society organizations attended the meeting  had join to  the  opening ceremonies .