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2015-12-23 10:07:06

It kicked off the work of festival methane in his second season during an official opening ceremony in the presence of the co-chairs of the Legislative Council, Miss Haven Rashid and Mr. Mohamed Said Youssef and co-president of the Executive Council, Dr. Osman Sheikh Issa, where the festival began a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs followed by the word director Haitham Mustafa presentation currently playwright on behalf of (Monalesca) The presentation included paintings by Mona Lisa uniforms suggest a multi-religious and ethnic identities, the play ended up playing back an image as the Mona Lisa painted by the artist (Da Vinci) to confirm that the art does not belong to any religion or out of it is a message to the whole humanity.

The festival continues with a film inspired by the facts of life under the title (we plant life) has included the display boards expressive, it is worth mentioning that the film is written by Mr. Osama Khalil Ahmed and directed by Professor Haitham Mustafa, where they stressed the importance of continuing to implant buds of hope in these difficult circumstances , then he spoke Head of body culture and art Miss Shiraz hammou, and on behalf of the Democratic Society Movement Mrs. Dalia Hanan, concluded statements by the director Mohiuddin Arslan as manager of the festival, which in turn stressed that the methane intellectual revolution of art in line with the military revolution and will continue for several seasons.

With the conclusion of the official words to honor personalities and institutions of several units of the core protection began, the duty of self-defense, Dr. Mohammed Abdo,writer Marwa Prem, a researcher Abdullah Shikaki.