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2016-01-03 10:44:38


Activities of the second season of methane Theater Festival in Afrin ended in his day tenth, it staged a play on behalf of the wise bird, which was held on the culture and art scene in the presence of co-President of the Legislative Council Mr. Mohammed Said Yusuf, head of a women body Miss Fatima to Cato, and President of the Commission of Culture Miss Shiraz Hamo, and the number of large from the people of Afrin.

The story of the play was written by Professor Ahmed Ismail and directed by Professor Mohiuddin Arslan and translation Bozo Mr. Hussein, and the story says that the four birds and their young live a carefree life, but Fox is trying to catch through the use of methods of deception.

The director tried bidden deep and serious ideas in a simple way, which was adopted by his play on the theatrical dance as well as drama and dialogue that sate supply and the viewer completely.

Offer Ended private congratulated the Chairperson of the Board of Education are two Miss Aytan Sheikh Issa, have expressed Ms. Sheikh Issa about the need for our young people and our children to this kind of events in order to keep them away from the atmosphere of war and destruction in which we live.

And also Ms.Norshan Hussein, Deputy of the local administration body congratulated all the staff to work on this successful festival, and the like, which offers those erected in the city of Amed.

It is worth mentioning that the actors are students of the Institute of methane of Arts and Sciences theatrical illusion Abdul Rahman Omar (Fox), Romat Bakr (White Bird), shvan mesto (Yellow Bird), Khadija mesto (Green Bird), Golestan Pozzo (Red Bird), Rolaan Hassan (Little Bird)

It is noteworthy that the play won first place in the Arab Authority for Theatre contest - the second session - the year 2010.