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2016-02-04 14:58:50

A delegation of the democratic self-management in the Afrin province  participate in the activities of the second conference of regions El- Shahba, under the slogan of "unity sons of the El-Shahba areas, a victory for democratic Syria".

Where he participated in the conference of 200 delegates from the sons of el- Shahba regions, political organizations, civic institutions in addition to the 100 guests from the region.

Conference was held in the lounge Schinkel in Afrin Province, after a minute's silence for the souls of the martyrs, the word of the Preparatory Committee by Ms. Jihan Khaddro, welcomed from which all attendees Executive Council congratulated the convening of the Second Congress, and considered that it is historic step at this stage in the area of ​​the conflict began and violations of the rights of the children of Shahba areas by overseas countries.

And then co-president of the Council of Shahba areas professor Ismail Musa and Deputy President of the Senate Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Khaddro occur, the main joint of the Legislative Council, Miss Haven Rashid, the National Democratic Alliance Syrian Prof. Alaa El Din Khaled, the Council of Syrian democracy Miss Rowan Mohammed, along with the word by each organized by the Union Star, women's Commission in the areas of Shahba, the families of the martyrs Foundation.

The words to that holding a special conference for the sons of Shahba areas considered a historic step for the region, and stressed the words on the unification of the sons areas Shahba, standing in front of the anti-Syrian unity of the people of the community policies, Syria to build a pluralist democracy, decentralization.

the member of the executive body of the Movement for Democratic society Miss Zalal Jakr congratulated all attendees on the occasion of this conference, and Jakr said:  that The el-Shahba areas of strategic areas, has a long history of developments and historical events.

At the end of her speech, Ms Jakr asked all the sons of el-Shahba areas that support each other, and support the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Then a member of the Office of the conference Prof. Regap manatee read the regulatory reporting entities (internal body, women, youth, media, health, foreign, education, finance, the families of martyrs and religious authority and reconciliation.

The conference concluded with the election of the co-presidency of the Board of Directors of Shahba areas, where the 49 elected members, 17 of them a woman, a member of the Board of Izaz 19, Section 17 Member of the Board,  6 members  of Jarablos,9 member of el-Sefera.