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2016-04-06 13:11:44


 Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo mainly Kurdish witnessing the ugliest forms of bombardment since February, recently exposed to the most violent and more bloody attacks by mercenary groups, called the coalition and the remains of the Kurdish National Council, which has killed 18 civilians and wounded 67 others.

Since the issuance of the joint statement by the United States of America and the Russian Federation that they are co-chairs of the international group to support Syria, to stop hostilities in Syria, which began as of February 27 in order to achieve a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis and to end the conflict and to create practical conditions for the political transition is successful, and the Russia and the United States called on all Syrian parties and regional countries in the international community to stop the violence and to contribute to a quick implementation of the political transition process in accordance with UN security Council resolution number 2254.

But the Coalition and the Kurdish National Council (Ahrar al-Sham, the banner of Sultan Murad, the banner of conquest, ADSL line 16, the Mujahideen Army Brigades Nur ad-Din, the Task north) violated the declared truce, but Sheikh Maksoud bombarded with various kinds of weapons and mortars chemical and toxic substances.

We are in a co-presidency of the Executive Council of Afrin Province condemn and denounce these criminal acts and unethical against the people there.

Sponsors of truce countries and we hold responsible for what is exposed to Sheikh Maksoud of the killing and destruction of the neighborhood, and Ntalalbha clicking on these mercenaries and the National Council of the Kurdish groups to stop these inhumane crimes.

And  we condemn secrecy media and the international silence towards what is exposed to Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood and call on the international community and all human rights organizations and humanitarian assistance of the people there.