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2016-05-16 14:22:50

A delegation of the democratic self-management in Afrin Province visited the headquarters of the Board of Directors Shahba regions aim of communication and coordination within the framework of public relations and exchange views with respect to the current phase.

The delegation included Dr. Osman Sheikh Issa co-president of the Executive Council and his deputy Ramzi Sheikh Moss and chairman of the Foreign Relations Sulaiman Jaafar and his deputy Ceyhan Mohammad.

The delegation was received by the co-chairs of the Council Shahba areas Ismail Musa and Ceyhan Khaddro.

during the visit, Dr Osman Sheikh Issa Speaking about communication and coordination among the self-management in Afrin Province and management Shahba areas, noting that the democratic and federal project, which was declared in the Rouge Ava is the perfect project to resolve the Syrian crisis that depend on the co-existence among all theory region components of Kurds, Arabs and validity of Assyria.

For his part, Sheikh Ramzi Moss confirmed that Shahba regions and the District of Afrin should be one hand in order to build a democratic Syria decentralized and that all conspiracies against us, who loves you is for control of the regions. Shahba

Turn Ismail Musa joint chairman explained that they Shahba areas as the governing body Shahba areas ready to coordinate and communicate in order to accomplish important strides on the political and social level.