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2017-02-06 11:18:56

the fighter Imad Sheikh Hammou from the seventh session of self-protection units loss of his life while performing his military duty he elevated to the rank of martyrdom.

There is no word that could have to describe the martyr, but some words may dare to try and describ him, he is: a burning candle to live others, a man makes his bones bridge for others to pass to freedom, a sun that shines if The darkness of deprivation and oppression has come.

We in the defense and self-protection in the province of Afrin offer our heartfelt condolences to the families fighter Imad Sheikh Hammou and promising to walk on his way to achieving his goals, who was martyred for.

Martyr Imad Sheikh Hammou data:

Name and Attribution: Imad Sheikh Hammou

Father: Yahya

                                                                                  Mother: Fatoom

Date and Place of Birth: Kara Tepe Shran 1996

Date of joining self-protection force: 01.09.2016

Date and place of Death: 04/02/2017 Afrin

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