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2017-06-19 12:58:30

The attacks of the Turkish state are intensified against the province of Afrin and the areas of Al-Shahba after its defeats in the AL- tabaqa and the AL-reqqa. On the other hand, it wants to divert the world's attention from what is happening in AL –reqqa and to raise the morale of its collapsed elements. The nature of Turkish state is the destruction, burning the plantations of citizens to deprive them of their source of livelihood, and remove even the archaeological sites that witness the era of brotherhood and openness and tolerance among peoples that have been adjacent for thousands of years, the armed groups associated with Turkish countries and Turkey's urging to fortify them in castles After the looted its and fled outside Syria or was hidden, and the remainder of them have been destroyed under the pretext of fighting the worship of idols, knowing that successive religions on this region, namely the religion of Yezidi-Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity were not one day worship idols nor The stones, but they were made statues of leaders and greats who provided the world in various services of life.


          The targeting of safe villages by Turkey directly, or by the jabhet al-Nasra, the Ahrar al-Sham movement and others in Afrin province, and the Euphrates shield in the areas of Al-Shahbaa, with shells that come to green and land, raised to war crimes against humanity and aims the history and civilization of this rich spot of The monument of thousands of years, and the attempt to uproot the remaining inhabitants of their roots, in order to capture these armed groups on the rest of the historical legacy of the province of Afrin.

                  We are in the Foreign Relations Committee in Afrin Province condemn these acts of military action by the Turkish forces and their associated armed groups. We appeal to the relevant international organizations and institutions to intervene with the Turkish state to suppress the associated groups and to stop targeting the safe villages and to move away from the archaeological areas .this is monuments , is a witness to the brotherhood of the peoples that have existed for a thousands of years.

Afrin on 18/6/2017

   Foreign relations commission in Afrin District