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2018-05-26 10:41:06

The people of Afrin and it's defense forces, who fought ISIS on behalf of the whole world, have been resisting for 58 days against the fascist Turkish state and its jihadi allies, against all their warfare and heavy weaponry. Their resistance thus became an example for all democrats and peace activists in the whole world.


From the beginning on democratic forces across the globe rose up to support our resistance. They became the voice of Afrin Resistance with the aim of breaking the silence of international powers against the violation of human rights and the crimes of the Turkish state.


But unfortunately institutions and decision makers acted deaf and turned a blind eye, acting according to their own advantages. After all that we were forced to evacuate the civilians from Afrin to prevent massacres against our peaceful people. Then our resistance entered a new phase after the civilians left Afrin. We are dedicated to continue this resistance and won't allow the will of our people to be broken.


In this spirit we want to thank you for your solidarity and support. Thank you for understanding the danger of the brutal actions of Erdogan's government and its jihadi allies, their destruction, killing, kidnapping and oppression of civilians. And on the other hand, of their open attempt to change the demography and occupy Afrin region as well as other places like Jarabulus, Bab and Idlib. The politic of Turkification and undermining the sovereignty of the Syrian state – all these are violating international law.


On behalf of the Democratic Self-Administration and all its entities we want to salute all democratic and peaceful actions today. May the World Afrin Day, the May 26th 2018, be the day of finishing all fascist and dictatorial systems, the day of breaking the terror and accomplishing democracy. If Erdogan, who is nurturing terrorism, won't be hold accountable for his crimes, if the silence against his brutal actions continues, it will mean a huge threat to all humanity.


We once again call all human rights organisations to fulfill their duty and stop the crimes of the Turkish state. It is essential to send research committees to Afrin to understand the ongoing events. Necessary decisions need to be taken according the ones who committed crimes in Afrin. Furthermore the change of demography in Afrin and allover Syria needs to be stopped, as it is a crime against humanity. Change of demography will lead to more challenges for Syria's people and further endangers the unity of geography.


We call up to the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the European Union to put pressure on Turkey to leave the occupied regions and to guarantee the people to return to their homes in a safe way.


Long live the Resistance of Age in Afrin!

Long live democratic solidarity!

We bow to the souls of the freedom fighters who lost their lives in the struggle.


Co-Chair of Executive Council

of Afrin Canton