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2014-09-30 13:40:15

The Joint Committee among Local Governing and Municipalities Body, Agriculture Body, and Tourism and Antiquities Body went on a tour to Bilbile sub-district.

The committee which consisted of the chairman of Local Governing Body Eng.Norshan Hussein and her deputy Eng. Mouhemed Ahmed, Agriculture Body represented by Eng.Essed Alo, and Tourism and Antiquities Body represented by Mr. Jiwan Farman went to Bilbile sub-district to examine the locations of people's property( formerly the property of the state) and the locations of forest property in the villages( Rishe, Khire-Gol, Shekhorze, Khilalka, and Kela), and are the sites which have been built upon by residents coming from Aleppo and Raqqa and several other places during the last three years.

This tour aims at making a survey on these spots of land and install their locations accordance to a regulatory scheme to prepare an integrated study about sorting them into properties to be added to the regulatory scheme and then distributed among the residents of the Canton of those in need according to conditions determined  by the committee in coordination with local councils.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first tour or the last one in this regard, because the committee is also going to visit some villages in Rajo sub-district in order to study them and add them to the regulatory scheme.

In an answer to a question about the importance of their job the Joint Committee said that expanding the regulatory scheme for all sub-districts in the Canton in addition to Afrin city is a strategic necessity as a result to the current phase in which we live and the growing number of people which exceeded the original number before the revolution in Rojava and Syria. The chairman of Local Governing Body asserted that because of the security and stability, our Canton became a safe haven for establishing life for all alike, this increased the construction of new buildings; So in order to limit the random expansion it was necessary to start such a project.

Eng. Norshan Hussein added that their project need an integrated engineering staff to complete this study to be approved by the both the legislative and executive councils .