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2014-10-01 15:33:58

We congratulate our people in the three Cantons( Afrin, Kobane, and Jizeer Cantons) and the whole Islamic World on the occasion of the advent of Eid Al-Adha this year.

This year we receive the Eid days at a time the dark forces( ISIL) have intensified their brutal attacks with the support of some hidden forces under the name of Islam religion against our three Cantons, resulting in displacement and killing of thousands of peaceful residents from their houses.

At a time the world have just realized the size and seriousness of this inhuman terrorist force and started forming an alliance to deter its terrorism, Our people in Kobane and Jizeer Cantons continue to provide enormous sacrifices on behalf of all humanity.

We salute the heroic resistance of our people and People Protection Units( YPG) in Kobane against the barbaric attacks.

We call on all people of the region to unite and support the resistance in Kobane and other regions and provide aid to the displaced people with all possible means.

At the end, Because of the hard conditions in Syria and the whole region especially in Rojava we call on our people to confine the aspects of Eid celebrations save for visiting martyr cemeteries in honor of their sacrifices.